Friday, 11 November 2016

Pikatti Animatic v.2 With Sound

We are currently in the process of changing parts of our script and changing/adding/removing some storyboard panels but this is the sound for our current animatic. After we make some changes, the sounds can be moved around again to fit the new animatic. We haven't added any music, we are unsure if adding music will make it too much considering parts of the soundscape are already musical but we are planning to experiment with it to see.


  1. Hi gang :)

    Just dropping by with some observations... There's still something with the food pouch that needs some establishing - easily done I think; so we see the fox, then we see the fox see the pouch (the camera moves towards the pouch telling us the fox is zoning in on it) then we cut back to the fox, and as we hear the stomach growl it feels as if the camera should pan downwards to shows us the origin of the sound, so we're shown the fox's tummy. Then back to the pouch - we're tracking a bit closer to it now - than back to the fox's face - close-up - so we know exactly what he's thinking.

    Sound wise - should the wind effects etc die back much more as we here the aural flashback of the dog barking and the boy laughing - right now it feels as if the laughing is in the same space as the wind, so not quite a flash back?

    The second time the boy cries at the memorial - this seems like too much; maybe it would be better if we just saw him looking very sad this second time; there's something about hearing him cry twice that makes him seem a bit less likeable/sympathetic - if he were to be just sort of resigned and weighed down - suffering in silence - that would make for a less sentimental feel.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the crying, I was thinking the same thing but I wasn't quite sure. I also agree with the wind, I feel I still need to mess around with the volume with some of the sounds. Once we add some more storyboards and I go back over and edit the sound more and I think it'll shape up better ^_^