Thursday, 3 November 2016

@Phil @Alan - Animatic v.2 (No Sound)

Here is the second version of our animatic. We've fixed the montage sequence and we've also changed some of the zooms into cuts (forgive some of the zoom lines/panels are still in the frames even though it doesn't zoom). We are concerned about the length of the animatic but we were hoping to get some feedback regarding this to see if there are any definite bits that could be changed or removed or if this length is fine. Once this is approved then I will continue to work on some soundscapes and other sounds to put over this animatic.

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  1. one simple observation I'd make is that the food belonging to the boy only appears in shot at the point when it becomes necessary for the plot, and we don't know it's food yet, or if audiences are really feeling stupid, where it came from. I know you're trying to shorten your film, but is there a way at the start of the film that we can see the boy eating from the pouch before putting it down, or some other device to ensure we know what it is and where it came from and therefore, why the fox wants it?