Monday, 3 October 2016

Research - Foxes

While we were developing our story idea, we were debating about what animal should interact with the boy. In the end, we chose a fox because they are often symbols for stealth and mischief which would go with our genre and our story idea in general. Knowing there were many different types of foxes, we decided to do some research to see how it may affect our story's character and environment.

As mentioned above, the type of fox can alter the entire animation. Foxes are also prominent figures in mythology, which opened the idea up to the fox possibly being more than just a fox (a spirit?)

So far we are pretty fond of the idea of a snow fox, as it has excellent camouflage, is stealthy, is a scavenger (hence why it'd go after the little boy's food in our story), and other characteristics that compliment our story. We also thought the idea of a little Eskimo boy in the forest would be interesting to explore and develop. We are also thinking about combining different elements from different foxes to make the designs more unique...for example, giving the Snow Fox big ears like the Fennec Fox.

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