Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hello world! We're Sugar Cube. Studios

A big hello from Sugar Cube. Studios, we're three Computer Arts & Animation students - Joe CrouchDeanna Crisbacher & Thomas Smith.

I thought we'd start things off by detailing how we came up with the name itself. As, when faced with the prospect of a new project there's always that brief period where everyone involved stares at their metaphorical "blank page" and starts spitballing ideas just to get the ball rolling.

We certainly went through that stage, with varying measures of success. Firstly, it became apparent to find that "common thread" between all three of us. It had to be something special, something that defined all three of us and could be easily and readily deployed as our brand, our defining quality perhaps.

We must have all been a bit peckish at this point because we could only identify Pizza as the necessary thing that would bind us together as a team.

To combat this lunacy we ventured in the other direction, going for more elegant names, names involving birds of kinds, sometimes mythical, sometimes tiny. I even went so far as to suggest "Apus" which is the ancient greek word for Birds of Paradise.

I think it was mutually agreed on that this wasn't the direction we wanted to go in, as using names like that suggested some form of absolute seriousness, whereas we'd agreed that we needed a name that left a lot of avenues open for us. So we needed something that looked professional, but belied a sense of fun underneath all of it. Ultimately it was that knee jerk reaction to Sugar Cube. Studios that had the name cemented and endeared to us. As a studio we wanted the brand to be both capable of being fun, and also being serious where it needed to be.

Next, Tom will take you through the design process of our logo!

For the logo I felt that it should be quite simple. I showed some very quick doodles to the group and their interest was caught by one of the ideas.

This small idea then became the logo that can be seen at the top of this post. To begin with there were two versions a clean, simple design and one that was more gritty.

We decided on the clean version due to it's professional and clean cut look.

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